Am I a Star Trek nerd?

Hi Friend,

It’s Sunday morning and I’m having
a great weekend.

A little work, a little play, ya know…

I actually just saw that Transformers
movie and i’m gonna go see Star Trek.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

and NO, i’ve never been to a star trek
convension, (lol)…

I’m writing you this email
TODAY…, because I just wanted to
give you the “411” on the Chicken Pickin

First off, i’m sending this email to
everyone, so if you already ordered,
THANK YOU! You rock. I totally
appreciate you.

If you didn’t order, well… thanks for
just reading my email and checking
out my blog!

It’s very cool. Thanks for being on
my list.

Today I have goodies for you as usual.
2 MORE video clips on the blog for you.

One is an amazing “Brad Paisely” type
lick, the other one is a clip
from Virtuwul, creator of acoustic mastery
with his thoughts about chicken pickin.

You gotta see this:

Also I’m writing you today because I need to tell
you that the special MEGA-discount prices on these
new DVDs are only good through tuesday,
so check it out:

Even if you don’t intend to buy these DVDs right
now, I think you’ll still really , really enjoy
watching these videos and reading about
Sol and his style.

Just click over to
to order or just to get the scoop.

Ok, have a great day… over and out.

In klingon that’s , um, yeah, never mind…lol.

Alright, for real now, I’m out.

Have a great day,

Claude Johnson


Thanks you guys too, for all the awesome blog comments
on – robert plant
says at 11:22 am says:

“you have a great line of instructional videos”

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