Am I cheating on my wife?

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Hi Friend,

As you guys know, I just
got married a couple of weeks ago.

However, I’m a bit worried…
Because for the last 3 years
I’ve been in love with another
curvy, hot thing…

Is it cheating?

To make a long story short…

In 2010, my buddy Virtuwul
and I went to the NAMM convention
(one of the biggest music shows
in the world) and found some unbelievably
cool, great sounding, great playing
guitars from a Korean company called Spear.

In 2011, we went back to NAMM and
learned they still didn’t have
an American distributor.

And in less than 2 short years,
we helped them go from zero to
having over a hunderd dealers
in the USA.

Spear is the fastest growing
electric guitar company
in America, and Guitar Control has been
directly responsible for it.

I’ve been getting a lot of
questions, comments, and
interest about the line
of Spear guitars that
i’ve been showing to you
guys for the past year or so…

Up till now I’ve kept kind of
a low profile about it, because
I wanted to stay focused on what
I do best, which is teach guitar
and be a whacky guy who sends
fun emails 🙂

But I think its time to let
the cat out of the bag and
let you know what I’ve really
been up to with Spear.

Not that i’m some kind of hot shot
salesman. In fact, I knew absolutely
NOTHING about selling stuff “offline”,
but these guitars sell themselves.

In my opinion, they ARE the coolest looking,
sweetest sounding, best playing guitars
you can get for under $500.

The big question everyone is asking

Well this was the really big announcement
I was talking about — Spear is now available
to everyone!

I have 2 options for you.

for a store near you. You can also browse around and pick
your favorite guitar and ask your local dealer to order it.

…AND… if your local music shop isn’t already a dealer,
you can do us a HUGE favor and make us an introduction to
them… If they become a dealer and order several guitars,
we can possibly hook you up with a guitar for free. Just
email if you know something.

#2: If there’s no dealer close to you, and you want to
get a Spear guitar immediately, you can order direct from:


Also…if you are CANADIAN, we REALLY would love it if you
hook us with any local shops because expanding into Canada
is our next big move. We’ve had tremendous request from
Canada and could use your help cause we have no dealers
up there yet. Thanks.

Spear rocks!

Play with inspiration,

Claude Johnson


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