An under-rated blues guitar god

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hi Friend,

As soon as I fire off this email
to you, I’m going to my mother-in-law’s
house for a brunch…

mmm mmm….

Don’t forget to call your mom today
for Mother’s Day!

But before I headed out, I could
NOT neglect my faithful Guitar Control
fans… and leave you hangin without
an email from me.

I promised you a lesson in the last
email and that’s what I just
got done filming this morning.

It’s a nice blues lick in the style
of Michael Bloomfield, who was
one of the all time great blues

He’s one of the most underrated
blues guitarists ever.

check it out


Hope you enjoy it.

And if you like that lesson, you’ll
love what’s in Killer Guitar Control
Secrets, because I go deeper into
some of the fretboard magic that
all the great blues lead guitarists

Talk soon…

Claude J.

P.S. Today is the last day for the
Advanced lead guitar package dealio.
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