Are you a Christmas Saint or Scrooge?

Hi Friend,

2 Days till Christmas.

This time of year always gives
me a warm feeling. When
you think about, Christmas
is a very loving holiday.

Now, I don’t mean to get
all namby-pamby on ya here, lol…

But seriously, how can you
argue with the spirit of

I try to not take anything
for granted… Today,
I feel truly blessed for
many things – for example
being able to do what
I love – which is teach guitar.

So I try to pass on blessings
to others whenever I can.

There’s a lot of poor folk
right here in the USA, just
struggling with necessities.

That’s why I’m running the $1
Christmas charity promotion
for the Salvation Army.

Amoung the many wonderful things
the Salvation Army does, is giving of toys to kids
who’s parent’s can’t afford them.

It’s great… we’ve already raised over
a thousand bucks so far!

If you haven’t heard about
this yet, click on over

That’s where you can grab the $1
Christmas guitar course and also
help the less fortunate.

So, don’t be a “scrooge” he he..
This will be fun and it’s easy to participate.

When you donate your buck to the
Salvation army using this special
link, I’ll MATCH your donation AND
give you some cool video lessons
showing you how to play your favorite
Christmas songs.

You’ll love them… And you’ll be
a christmas angel to the kids
we’re helping out.

Go here now:

Keep rockin,

Claude Johnson

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