As a guitarist, I’d really like your feedback

Hi Friend,

You’re welcome…

In the past 3 days,
so many people have emailed me
and said “thank you” for all the cool tips,
video, pics and stuff.

I can’t even reply to all of them…

I’m glad the exercises were helpful.
I really like helping guitarists improve their chops.
Every new trick and technique helps.

As a fellow guitarist, I know you would’ve
done the same thing for me.

By the way, I was wondering if I could ask a favor…
I just upgraded the: Guitar Scale System to
version 2.0

We’ve been working hard behind
the scenes and we’ve completely
revamped and redesigned the
“Nervous System Trainer”.

It truly blows the first version out
of the water…

Plus: We’re now uploading
1 new skill building drill
every single day…

Plus: There’s 10 new jam tracks…

And I would really appreciate your feedback.

Would you accept a 30 day trial?

You can try it for a month and if you
like it, you can stay a member.

If you don’t like it, no worries.
Email me back and we won’t
charge you a red penny.

All I ask is that you give me
your honest feedback.

Thanks in advance:

Rock on,
Claude Johnson

P.S. BTW, we’ll be closing the door
on this trial in the next few days.
We just want a new batch of testers
for GSS 2.0 and then it’s over.
Look forward to hearing your comments:

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