BIG PRIZE ALERT: Join one of our easiest contests ever

hey Friend,

I have a cool contest.

It’s to help build awareness for Jon MacLennan’s
“Fast-Track Guitar System”
which comes out THIS Wednesday.

Jon is one of our most popular new
teachers and just an all-around
likeable guy.

I thought… why not do a cool contest where
YOU get to share your FAVORITE thing about Jon.

It’s that simple.

Tell us what’s your favorite lesson from Jon… or what’s
your favorite part of his teaching style?

We’re doing this contest on our Facebook page
instead of the usual blog…Ya know, just
change it up a little.

So, first head over to :


if you’re not already a fan, click LIKE
to get access to the page.

The top post should be the contest post,
and then you just post a reply.

There’s 3 fantabulous prizes:

You can win:

A brand new Spear guitar
A brand new Meteoro Amp
The Fast-Track Guitar System DVD

Winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Thanks for playing!
Claude J.

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