Bored with your guitar playing?

Hi Friend,

If you’re bored with your guitar playing,
I have some ideas on how you can generate
some different sound licks.

I just wanted to tell first though, on a personal
level, I’m having a really rough week.

Things aren’t going so good with my girlfriend.
It could be over.

The funny thing, 2 weeks ago I thought things
were fantastic.

Life sure does throw you some curveballs once in
a while, doesn’t it? Anyway, whatever happens
I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Life goes on, and you know what — I still got my guitar!

Ok, so lets get on with the guitaring…

Say you’re playing in A pentatonic. One obvious way
to create different sounds is throwing in notes that
AREN’T part of the scale.

Now, the point isn’t to throw them in randomly.

You should try to do it in a way that makes sense.

For example, what about the G# note? That’s not
in the A minor pentatonic scale. It’s also not
in the A major pentatonic scale.

So how could you use it?

Well, here’s a few ways:

– It is part of the A major scale (the 7th degree).
Try mixing A major with A pentatonic.

– It is part of the A maj7 arpeggio.
Try playing some arpeggios with your scale.

– It is the third degree of the V chord (E major)
in the key of A.

– You can use it as passing tone either approaching
the A from 1 step below, or the G from 1 step above.

Always look for ways to create new things on the guitar,
and stretch beyond familiar patterns.

Another thing you can do is learn a new style and
apply it to your playing. One of the best ways
to spice up ordinary blues and rock licks is
with Sol’s “Wicked chicken pickin chops” course:

Check it out…

Have a groovy day – I’ll keep you posted
on the next episode.

Claude Johnson

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