Can I share this LIFE-CHANGING technology? (live webinar Tuesday)

hi Friend,

Sit back, relax, I’m gonna tell you a story today.

Before I get started here, let me give
a little disclaimer because I’m gonna
be going “outside the box”.

You’ve heard of “outside the box” notes?
Well, this is an out of the box email.

Meaning, it doesn’t have to do DIRECTLY
with guitar playing.

So if you’re super focused and just want
to get right to the guitar goodies,
check the GC blog.

I’m giving you a TRIPLE dose: 3
new guitar videos — one is I updated
the legato lesson that I didn’t
have to film last week, (titled “Another Legato Secret”)

The second is a short lesson on moving around
notes in a chord to get different
sounds (very cool beginner lesson)…

And the third is an advanced lesson from Silvio
showing a cool Emaj7 arpeggio lick.

Yes, I’m absolutely committed to
giving you MASSIVE value just by
being on my email list.

Who loves ya?


Ok, now let me share something
that’s even MORE valuable.

Here’s the story:

Last October, I got married, went
on a short honeymoon to the Dominican
Republic… came home, and a few
days later, packed all belongings
in my car and drove 5 hours to
start the next chapter of my life
in Rhode Island.

When I got to my new place, do you know what
the FIRST thing I unpacked was?

No, it wasn’t my amps or guitars.

It wasn’t my computer.

It was my “magic mojo” water machine.

If you’ve been on my list a while,
and remember the first “Claustin Powers”
movie I created, it was featuerd in there.

In reality, it’s a Japanese invention
that really has improved the quality of
my life.

Not just me… guitar legends like
Carlos Santana are using it too.

Like I said, I’m committed to giving
you massive value. So, I would
be remiss if I didn’t tell about

Why? Because its something that has
made me a lot healthier and given
me a lot more energy. And guess
what, I put that energy back into
my guitar playing!

So at the risk of going out on a
limb and off the topic of guitar,
I just needed to share this with you.

The guy that turned me onto all this
is a dude called Wade Lightheart.

And I’m going to be hosting a LIVE
webinar with him THIS TUESDAY
at 9 PM EST.

I can tell you that getting this
water machine was the best
investment I ever made. No bull.

So if you want to find out how
you can get plugged into this
LIFE-CHANGING technology…

…OR you just want to raise your “Health IQ”
about 20 points

…OR you just wanna hang out with us
in the chatroom 🙂

…then I cordially invite you to attend the
webinar. It’s gonna be awesome!

(You’ll love hearing Wade talk, too
he’s a really cool cat.)

I’ll see you there — just go to this link to register
for the webinar (its free)


Rock on , Claude Johnson

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