Carl Stark Spills His Guts…

Hi Friend,

Today – I’ve got a really special treat…
An interview with the man BEHIND — Mr. Carl Stark.

Read on to hear how you can save tons of cake
on gear, guitars, amps and tons of other cool stuff.

Claude Johnson: What’s up?

Carl Stark: Things are hopping and popping…
It’s great to talk to you.

Claude: So, what’s the story behind

Carl: Well… one day I had a vision. This might sound
crazy — but I had the vision to build the “Amazon of guitar gear”.
So I scrounged up all the pennies I could find in my couch
and started the site. ha ha…

Claude: That’s cool. So what makes you unique?

Carl : A few things… First of all, I’m OBSESSED with
offering quality gear at Rok bottom prices. Let’s face it,
we’re all hurting in this new economy. Things aren’t what
they used to be. Why not save some money while you can…
and STILL get the same great tone… and STILL get the
same great gear!

Claude: I’m with you… I’ve got to admit I fell in love
with your strings right off the bat. They sound amazing,
they stay in tune, and they last a long time. And of course:
the price is almost unbeatable!

Carl: Yeah — it took us a lot of time and effort to get
those strings “just right”. And to be honest: we barely
make a penny on these… However, I think they are great
product to help us “get into the door” of guitarists.
We’ve got people from all over the world buying as many
as 100 sets at a time (chuckles)…

Claude: So what’s next?

Carl: Wow — there’s so much stuff I don’t know where to start.

First: GUITARS… I’m talking about AMAZING sounding…
and easy-to-play mahogany acoustics… and rocking electrics.
And people will be BLOWN AWAY by the price and the quality.
I’ll bet you my dinner on that. This is going to be the
“Rok Stark Guitar Line”. I think these will become a VERY
popular guitar in the next few months… and years.

Second: PEDALS. I personally listened to hundreds of pedals.
I selected THE BEST OF THE BEST… and I’m going to offer
them at the lowest possible price PLUS FREE SHIPPING in the US.

Claude: When are these available?

Carl: They are available right now… There’s 3 different
killer pedals to choose from and you can listen to various
sound samples on the site.

Claude: What else?

Carl: Well there’s the ALLIANCE between “Guitar Control” and
“Rok Stark”. This is going to lead to some very exciting
advantages for everyone reading this… and every guitarist
who buys from Rok Stark. For an example, every one who buys
from Rok Stark, gets a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL to your Guitar God Club.

Claude: Yeah — and we’re adding a brand new site to the mix
next week called: “Lead Guitar Gurus”.

Carl: I checked out some of the videos and they are amazing!
The Guitar God Club is the most amazing value on the net
for any guitarist. We’re very proud to be affiliated with you on this.

And ANOTHER HUUUUGE “alliance benefit” is that all of the
Guitar God Club members who stay active for 1 year —
Plus, every 3 months they get FREE ROK STARK STRINGS!
No one else is offering anything else like this…

Claude: Yup — and we’ve got more powerful surprises
coming down the pipeline soon!

Carl: Yes — we’re going to start the “Rok Stark deal of
the week” pretty soon, so that’s going to be an exciting
opportunity too.

Claude: Hey thanks Carl. And a big thank you for everyone
who is taking the time to read this email!

Carl: My pleasure! Take care everyone! And go check out
the 3 killer pedals that I’ve got ready for you… You’re
going to love them:

Seriously, these pedals LOOK and sound amazing.
The rokstark guitars are great too – I used them on my
Xmas videos on my blog (

More cool stuff coming next week as always.

Have a guitarriffic weekend,

Claude Johnson

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