Chords Gone Wild!

Hi Friend,

I hope you’re having a great weekend. Last night
I did some “glow in the dark bowling”. It was
pretty rad.

Anyway, I’m up this morning and I just posted a new
blog video for you.

Have you seen my new blog, – ?

You guys seemed to really like my first video on
the Major 6 chord. Yeah, it seems to have really
“struck a chord” with some of you.

Ok, that joke was corny HAHA… Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

Moving right along……. as I was saying, I have another
video for you today, with another advanced, exotic chord.

Today’s chord is the Dom7b5#9 chord.
Think of it as an ordinary Dom 7 chord gone wild!

A video says a million words, so check
out the one I just posted.

I’ll show you how to play this chord, and more
importantly, how to use it.

Feel free to leave a comment too.

Hope you have a rockin’ Sunday.


P.S. Another wild chord video comes
out in 2 days.

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