Claude Johnson kidnapped by the mob…

Hey Friend!

Badabing! Badaboom!

I just threw Claude Johnson’s stringy butt
into the back of my ’79 Cadillac.

You see… my friends call me “Tony”
and I’m the kind of guy who
“makes offers you can’t refuse”.

I recently met Claude Johnson at a bar
and when I heard he was launching
a new business — I knew I needed to
“help him out” and get a piece of the action…

To be blunt… he’s too much of pussycat
to do what it really takes to get you to
pull out your wallet.

It’s simple… next Monday
I’m making you what you call
“A Mafia Offer”. And I’m not taking “no”
for an answer.

I’m going to give you 6 sites for the price of 1.
And I’m giving you 30 days to try it out.

What the hell else do you want?
You want me to show up and give
you some gold strings or something?

Do us all a favor — including your
beloved Claude Johnson. On Monday
Take out your beloved credit card… and say
“Yes Uncle Tony, I’m going to accept your offer.”

Listen — the last thing you want is
for Guido to show up with the black
cadillac in front of your door.

Trust me — he’s not there to give you
a plate of meatballs and spaghetti.

Uncle Tony

P.S. If at least 1000 of you say “Yes Uncle Tony”
next week… I’ll let poor Claudio out
of the trunk. So don’t let him suffocate.

P.P.S. Claude also owes my cousin: Louie BIG TIME…
Listen — if you really care about our friend Claudio…
And you want to help him “pay down his debts”…
I highly suggest you go visit:

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