Claustin Powers 3 – Please watch and comment :)

Hi Friend,

I’ve outdone myself yet again.

Just released the first part of
my latest home movie: Claustin Powers 3.

Yes, its a spoof of “Austin Powers”,
the famous comedy flick.

Yes, there is a Claustin 1 that I shot
in 2009 and a Claustin 2 that I shot
in 2010.

Yes, they are all on my blog!


It will be released in 3 parts, unlike
last year where it was split into
6 pieces…That was ridiculous.

The second episode comes out in 1
week, and the final part in 2 weeks.

No drawing this out too long.

We gotta other big fish to fry!

Yes, we will be releasing the most epic
offer ever after the final part is released.
Make a mental note of that 🙂

Yes, I would love your comments on the
latest dish of entertainment. I worked
really hard on this latest movie!



“Claustin Powers” Johnson

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