Claustin Powers Vs. Santa Claude

hi Friend,

Yes, Claustin Powers 3 is coming out
at some point…

If you don’t know what this, it’s
basically my spoof movies on
Austin Powers. The first 2 movies
are already on my blog.

It started it out as a Halloween thing
and I realize we are way past October.

It’s arleady filmed but the reason I decided to postpone releasing
Claustin Powers 3 is because we’re already now into
Christmas season and I didn’t want
to steal the thunder of one of
my other cool characters – Santa Claude Johnson.

Don’t worry, Claustin will be back in early 2012.

For now, let me tell you about Santa 🙂

Starting on December 14th, I’ll be doing what
I call the “12 days of Christmas”, where I’ll
be dressing up like Santa and posting stuff on
my blog everyday, like lessons from myself
and other teachers, etc… And other goodies.

I’ll also be offering our Christmas Guitar
Course for $1. I know, some of you have it
already but I’m expanding it out with 5 more
songs and we’re also including other bonuses.

So everyone should get it!

$1, and it goes to charity, and we’ll also
MATCH your dollar!

It’s all gonna go to Blue Star Music Camp, which
provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience
for kids who would not be able to afford it.

It’s a win-win-win.

You get the course, and a good dose of
the “warm and fuzzies”…

And Blue Star gets some help!

And we also get the chance to help out
and give back to the music community.

Stay tuned for those groovy blog lessons
and other stuff coming up.

Your dedicated guitar teacher,
Claude Johnson

P.S. If you were looking to order something
before Christmas, now’s the time:




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