Confessions of a Guitar Teacher

hi Friend,

I used to be kind of an ego-maniac
about my guitar playing, and
the funny thing is, I had no right to be!

I sensed that I had a lot of potential,
but I overestimated my talent and didn’t
work as hard as I should have.

I thought it would be cool to be famous.
(I actually don’t think that now!)

I thought it was painful to know that
deep inside I had the music flowing
through me, and I was not recognized
for my talents.

Over the years, I went through various
phases — sometimes I would practice
a lot, and sometimes I would let other
things in my life take priority.

If I had to do it all over again,
I would do the following:

#1. Stop worrying so much about
“how good am I going to get”, and
just enjoy playing and enjoy
the journey.

#2. Practice more consistently.

We all have dreams. It’s easy to
get caught up in greed and fear
and the emotions of the ego.

It’s funny, I remember getting
in arguments with a guitar buddy
of mine, and when we were pissed
off at each other, we would
threaten each other by saying stuff

“Oh yeah, well I’m gonna become


People are motivated by different
things… If negative emotions
like one-upsmanship and desperation
make you practice, hey… knock
yourself out.

Whatever your goals are, its really
interesting to just stop… And
ask yourself: WHY?

Let’s say you want to be a “famous guitarist”.
Ok, why? What for? And when you get the
answer to that — ask why again. If you
keep asking why do you want stuff for,
and go to the true bottom of the nature
of your desire, you may be surprsied
at the answers.

In the end, every single thing we do
boils down to wanting to experience
certain feelings.

Perhaps the happiest shock of your life
is the moment when you realize that
you don’t need to wait to achieve
your goals to experience the feelings
you want.

For example, you want to be “famous”
so you can experience the thrill of
performing…Well, you can get that
same thrill right now at an open
mic night.

See? It’s easy.

And it goes even way beyond that
as far as being able to experience
any kind of joy in the here and now.

Also, people that spend years and
years trying to get somewhere, are
often dissapointed because when
they finally get there, its an

The reality of being a touring musician
can actually a burden. And many
people kind of go off the deep
end with drugs and alcohol because
they can’t handle the ups and downs.

Anyway, I’m getting way off the point.

My point is to enjoy yourself and
enjoy playing guitar. If you want
to work hard and make tremendous
progress, that’s cool… But just
do it… Put in the work… And
don’t worry about the result.

We’re never directly in control
of any results anyway.

And if you aren’t in a rush,
that’s cool too. Just enjoy
yourself, play a little each
day, and you’ll be having a blast.

Consistency is so powerful.

Be consistent, and enjoy the fruits
of your labor.

That’s the end of my rant. Stay
tuned for some more juicy
video lessons coming your
way soon.

Over and out…

Claude Johnson
your dedicated guitar instructor



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