Could this be the most underrated guitar skill?

Hi Friend,

How’s it goin. Hope your week
is going well.

I want to talk about an important
guitar concept.

Perhaps The biggest single difference
between a legend like Eric Clapton or Carlos Santana
and the struggling guitarist is…

The legends can play and recreate the solos
that they are hearing in their heads.

How do they do it? One of the surest ways
to be able to do this, is to develop
a great sense of pitch.

That’s why I’ve put together the “Absolute
Pitch” package.

I’ve got an audio seminar for you, explaining
exactly how you develop this critical ability,
and even better, I’ve got some cool software
that will help train your ear.

Not only that, but we created some fun video
games to give you even more ways to develop your ear.

Having a great sense of pitch can make you sound
like a legend, but almost no one talks about it.

In my opinion, its the most underrated guitar skill
of all time.

Anyway, you owe it to yourself to check out this
new package I’ve put together.

Rock on!

Claude Johnson

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