Cure to the monday blues


Here we go.

I’m going to OVERLOAD you with
guitar goodies today…

This is just what the Doctor prescribes
if you find yourself coming down with
a case of the Monday blues.

I say “overload” because I just update
not ONE, but TWO guitar blogs.

The first one, is the official
Johnsonater guitar blog.

Just posted a killer fast lick
you should try:

The second blog is some FAR OUT,
ADVANCED guitar knowledge from
a crazy cat named Larry Coryell.

There’s a cool video for you to see here

This should give you inspiration
at the very least. A must see.

In fact, I highly recommend you
check out both my recent blog posts…

Rock it, Claude

P.S. BTW, Coryell’s amazing guitar secrets are going to be offered at a deep discount NEXT TUESDAY on February 23rd at noon. First 3 guys to order: WIN A GUITAR… 4th to 10th place wins free strings and cables. So MARK YOUR CALENDAR AND GET READY for a new world…

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