Download this jamtrack in B minor

Hi Friend,

Top of the day to you.

Go ahead and download this groovy
jam track in B minor.

It’s on my blog:

If you’re not familiar with jam tracks,
they are a GREAT, and incredibly FUN
way to play guitar…

It’s like a band is there jamming with you.
All you do is have fun and improvise some
melodies and lead lines.

Anyone can do it.

Try it!

Also on my blog is a video where I’m soloing
to the same track, just to give you an idea.

Have fun 🙂

If this idea sounds cool to you, then feel
free to take part in my special promo that’s
going on now.

You get hundreds of jam tracks, thousands of
video lessons, and more – all for just $1.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Just go here:

Rock on,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Next email reveals “Harry the Guitar Cable Guy”…
its another Claude Johnson spoof madness video 🙂

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