Get into the “Guitar Holiday Spirit” with me on Monday

Hi Friend,

I hope you’re gearing up for
the Christmas Season!

Whether you celebrate Christmas,
Hannukah, Kwanza, or whatever,
I think its safe to say that
the winter holidays are a fun
exciting time.

I guess people have mixed reactions
to the season. Some people get
a little melancholy… some people get

But for me… personally… I love this
time of year because of the positive spirit.

(You know the Johnsonater is all about positivity!)

So in the holiday spirit, I’m doing a charitable
promotion like I did last year.

Last year we donated $2200 (with your help)
to the Salvation Army, which provides Christmas
dinners, clothing, and toys to families in need.

This year, we are going a step further and
donating again to the Salvation Army and ALSO
to Blue Star Music Camps, which gives kids
an incredible once-in-a-lifetime week-long
musical experience.

So, I’m asking for your help next week (If you want to).
Here’s the scoop – for just ONE DOLLAR, you can be
a part of what I call “the holiday miracle”…

I will match your dollar donation and at the end of
the month, we’ll give it all to the Salvation Army
and Blue Star Music Camps.

AND…you instantly get a copy of the online
“Xmas Guitar Course” showing you how to play
10 Christmas songs on your guitar.

The cool thing about the course is that I show
you how to play these songs with 1) basic chords
that are easy for beginners and 2) more advanced
chord-melody arrangements.

It’s a very cool course and I want to give it to you
on Monday so you’ll have time to learn some cool
stuff in time for Xmas.

Again, its only a buck, you get the cool Xmas guitar course…

And remember I will match every dollar so we can really help
out these charaties and make a real difference for
those less fortunate than us.

Stay tuned, I’ll unleash this on Monday…

Meanwhile, if you feel like picking up that guitar course
you’ve been thinking about… Here’s the links below:

Thanks! Claude

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