Guess what I did today…

Hi Friend,

ok, so guess what I did today?

It’s something I almost NEVER do…

I went to a Yoga class!

Not just *any* yoga class, it
was an “advanced” class and the
room was all heated up so you
sweat more.

I survived. 🙂

You know what made the class cool?
It was the instructor.

She had a cool, spiritual vibe.

She was saying funny stuff like:

“don’t worry about what the person
next to you is doing, you’ll end
up lost in a bad neighborhood.”


“tell your inner critic — you’ve done
a great job, now go take a smoke break,
my inner champion is gonna take over for a while”

Good stuff.

We ALL have that inner critic who at
times is telling us:

“You’re not good on guitar”

“You’re not fast enough”

“You’re too sloppy”

blah blah blah

So i’m passing on that message of truth to you,
that your inner critic has served you well up
to a point, and now it’s time to give the critic
a smoke break and align with a positive vibration.

One spiritual lesson I’ve learned is that pride
and shame are two sides of the same coin — they
are both based on some preconceived notion of
where we think we should be.

A lot of times I think “I should be better” because
I’ve been playing for a while, but the truth is
that learning an instrument is a lifelong ride.

The joy is in improving and learning new stuff.

I was practicing last night and I was actually picking
a lot of scales fairly consistently at 200 bmp! I can
do it short bursts and if I can do it for a bit longer
I’ll actually be “shredding”. cool!

You have to stick with it. Stick with the program,
trust the results… you get there.

Feel free to check out our fine line of courses, they
can give you a lot of help getting wherever you want to go

Rock on!


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