Happy Memorial Day! plus cool Dom7 idea

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Hi Friend,

I’m in shock…

Man, I can’t believe its Memorial Day weekend already.

2009 is FLYING by.

I remember when I was kid like 6 or 7, attending
a local memorial day block party.

It was an awesome feeling, the sense
of celebration.

Plus, I got drink to soda, which my
parents usually didn’t allow me to have…LOL.

There’s been quite a few memorial days
over the years and this year, I’m stuck
in my office working actually. ha ha…

But it’s cool.

Anyway, I’m wishing you a happy Memorial Day,
and hopefully one of us will get some time off 🙂

If you are off, (or even if you’re not) don’t forget to
pick up that GEE-TAR.


You’ll be glad you did.

I was riffing out myself on
some killer ideas yesterday.

One idea you can do , that’s easy,
…is to play around with a 7th voicing
in the key of E.

You got the low open E, the E on the
7th fret A string, and the D on the
7th fret G string. (The 7th).

Try throwing in some slides and
try different rhythms.

Think “Hendrix”.

This is like the intro he played
to Stone Free.

Those two notes, E and D.

You can creates tons of
riffs using a combination
of the notes played seperately
or together.

Now, Try adding some licks in
E pentatonic in between the
rhythmic parts you’re creating.

Now, if you want to take
it to the next level,
try throwing in riffs from
A pentatonic or even B pentatonic
or other scales.

Anyway, those are just some cool

By the way, next week we’re
realising the new jazz course

Unfortunately there’s only
100 copies of it in stock,
I think we’ll sell out fast.

The Robson guitar paks are
sold out too…

But we’ll be having more
great guitar deals soon.

Anyway, check out all our sites.
We keep adding new ones all the time 🙂

Have a great weekend,

Claude Johnson

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