He won guitarist of the year 12 times

Hi Friend,

Do you know who Brent Mason is?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t…

And that’s because I’ve always been
more into rock, blues, and jazz…

And quite frankly, didn’t know much
about country guitar.

The fact is, “country” music doesn’t
always have the greatest reputation.

Yeah, a lot of radio stations play
these slow, sappy kind of tunes
and so I don’t blame you if you’re
not impressed with “country”.

But on some of those tracks, if you
listen to the guitar solos, its
actually pretty amazing.

Back to the question.

Who is Brent Mason?

Turns out he’s a legend.

I don’t have time to list all his
accomplishments, but he’s one of
the most respected guitarists in the world,
and in fact, he’s a 12 time winner of
the country music Guitarist of the year.

You might be thinking, “so what”?

What am I telling you this?

Well, Brent recently did something that
he has never done in his 25 year career.

He invited a young guitarist to come
to Nashville and study as his protoge.

Who is that young guitarist?

Why, its none other than Sol Philcox,
our newest guitar talent, and star of
the soon-to-be-released DVD series called
“Wicken Chicken Pickin Chops”.

I am not that surprised that Brent was
impressed with Sol.

I was impressed.

I don’t see how anyone could NOT be impressed
with this kid.

And I listened to a recent recording of
Brent and Sol playing together, and no
offense to Brent, but I actually enjoyed
Sol’s playing even more.

I put the recording up on the blog.

Sol’s playing is genius.

It flows…

It’s wicked.

And best of all, for you, its all decoded
inside our new DVD series.

Even if you get 10% of Sol’s tricks
into your fingers, it will give your
playing a wicked edge.

I’ve only practiced a few of Sol’s licks
and already my playing has warped.

Yours will too.

Mark this down on your calendar: JUNE 24th.

That’s when “Wicked Chicken Pickin’ Chops”
will be available.

Rock on,

Claude Johnson

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