How to Play 2 Guitar Chords On E Pentatonic Scale

Hey Friend,

How did the weekend go?

Get any guitar time in? I did 🙂

Check this out – here’ something
neat about the pentatonic scale.

It contains some cool chords
built right into it.

I was playing around with the
E pentatonic scale, and just
looking at the patterns in
unusual ways.

There’s actually some cool
bar chords that you can play
that use only the notes of
the scale.

Both of these chords are
easy if you know how
to play barre chords
because each is just
a barre with one extra note.

Here’s the first chord:


Basically we’re taking the 5th
fret and playing every note
that’s in the scale, except
on the G string, the 5th
fret (C) isnt in the scale,
so we fret the 7th fret (D)

You can call this A7sus4.

Here’s the second chord:


The same principle applies here
but at the 7th fret, where
the G on the B string is played
at the 8th fret.

Although multiple names apply,
you can just call this a B7sus4
sharp 9, sharp 13 🙂

The point of these chords isn’t
that they necessarily sound so
amazing as chords – but its a
helping hand in getting to *really*
know your E pentatonic scale.

Of course, you will discover
many amazing things yourself
about guitar scales – new patterns,
new connections, new licks, etc,
when you go “deep” on learning
a scale and seeing it from
all possible angles.

One really great way to do
that is with the guitar scale
system software.

It contains mutliple practice
modes so you’ll be discovering
your own fretboard gems right away.

Check it out:

Keep rockin,

Claude J

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