here’s another lick you can try today

Hi Friend,

I am wrtiing this email late Saturday night…
So i’m hoping you get it Sunday morning or

Having a really great time here in my new
home in Providence, Rhode Island.

Of course, the most important thing to me
was setting up my new office and finding
a place for my guitars 🙂

While i’m getting situated, our new Guitar
Control instructor Jon Maclennan is filling
in for me with a few videos…

Actually, I don’t need any excuse to send
you videos from Jon — he’s a great
teacher and he’s gonna be giving us
a lot of awesome stuff in the next year
or so.

Today’s video continues on in his series
on licks over the “II V I” chord progression.

It’s the latest on the


As always, I am SO grateful for your
readership and support…

Stay tuned because next week I’m
going to revealing a powerful (free) solution
to one of the most frustrating things
a guitar player has to deal with.

And feel free to check out all of our
exciting courses…here’s a few below.

Your dedicated guitar instructor,

Claude Johnson


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