Here’s your second jazz guitar video – check it out and post your comment

Hi Friend,

I am blown away with how many people commented
on my new blog for REAL EASY JAZZ guitar.

Thank you!

Honestly I expected that people would like it, but
I was really surprised how many people posted.

I guess people really do love hearing some sweet
jazz guitar!

Well, I have a new video for you today with more
of whatcha love…

Again, PLEASE post your comment on the blog.
I really enjoy reading and responding to your

Now, I know… I haven’t revealed ANYTHING yet
about the new course. But don’t worry, I will
start spilling the beans next week.

For now, I just wanted to give you another taste
of what’s possible with the brand new “Real Easy”
jazz guitar method.

Ok, here’s a hint: I’m NOT going to be the teacher
on this course. Instead, I found a groovy jazz dude
from Texas who REALLY knows his stuff and is
fun to learn from.

You’ll see clips of him soon enough.

I just wanted to post my own clips because

#1) I’m excited about using my video camera (lol)

and #2), I wanted to show you that you don’t have
to be a jazz pro with 30 years of experience in order
to play some sweet jazz guitar.

Yes, with the real easy jazz guitar method, you too
will be playing jazz quickly.

And it will sound great!

I’ll tell you more about this breakthrough course soon,
so please stay tuned to the blog and keep reading the

Again, check it out:

Keep vibing and have a great weekend,

Claude Johnson

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