Honeymooning in D.R.

Hi Friend,

If you haven’t been keepin tabs on
me, I just got married!

I’m about to take a little honeymoon
to the Dominican Republic.

I’m pretty excited as you can imagine…

If you’ve been on my email list for a while,
you’ve seen me going through the ups and
downs of life, the trials and tribulations —
from my divorce, to the tragedy of ‘08, to
a new love, engagement, now the latest
chapter in the life of the Johnsonater.

The wedding was such an amazing time shared with
a loving family and friends. I want to share the
beautiful news with you too, and I promise to
post some pictures as well.

By the way, it is not too late to get me a wedding

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All the best, and thanks for all your support…

Your dedicated guitar instructor,

Claude Johnson

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