How I won Santana’s respect

Hi Friend,

I’ve got a message for you from
Jimmy Dillon. Here’s what he writes:

“Hey I want to share a story with you
about the time that I opened up for
Carlos Santana.

I was hanging out at a club here
in Mill Valley, California and Carlos
was performing.

Well, the opening act was supposed
to be flying in and the flight was
delayed. They were stuck in traffic
and there’s no way there were gonna
get to the gig on time.

So the club manager asked — Hey
Jimmy, can you open up for Carlos?

Since I only lived 5 minutes away,
I said SURE!! I ran home, grabbed
my guitar, and the next thing I knew,
I was opening up for THE MAN…

After the show, I got a chance to
meet him and he told he: Jimmy,
I really love your down-in-the-bucket

What a compliment to win his respect!

I’ve always been a big Santana fan,
and the TONE he gets… wow.

He’s got that super thick, creamy,
sustaining tone.

In fact, that’s one of the things I
talk about in the “Legendary Guitar Tone” audio seminar
that we’re giving away with Eclectic
Electric Guitar.

It’s an additional bonus — it’s
a 1 hour seminar where I talk about
everything under the sun related to
getting killer guitar tone.

I give away a lot of tone secrets on
the DVDs, sure… but this is some
additional material I think you’ll
really enjoy.

We talk about amps, guitars, pickups,
pedals, settings… you name it.

Anyway, thanks for reading. It’s
great to connect with you and
I really hope you enjoy my new
DVD course: Eclectic Electric Guitar.

Talk to you soon, Jimmy

Well there you have it folks. I also
think you’ll dig Jimmy’s tone seminar
AND his DVDs.

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