How to be a wanna-be

hi Friend,

Most people of think of “wanna-be” as a negative

But I believe you HAVE to go through a stage
of copying your heroes in order to eventually
get to a place where you can create original

I was lying in bed earlier today, contemplating
the nature of the “brain to hand” connection
that I talk about so much in


And then, a revelation hit me — you can’t
pull great sounds out of your brain and
into your fingers unless you have great
sounds in your brain in the first place.

And the only consistent way to get those
sounds in your brain is to absorb them
by listening to inspiring music and players.

So that’s why its important to listen to
a lot of music.

Don’t be afraid to imitate your heroes.

I went through a phase in my early days
where I listened to a lot of Hendrix.
I practically worshipped Jimi and wanted
to play like him.

It’s been often said “there’s no such thing
as an original thought”.

And even that quote is not original — it goes
back to biblical times.

The point is, there’s no need to TRY to
be original. If you play, your personality
is going to come out anyway.

Just listen to lots of great players and
then be yourself.

Stay tuned to my emails cause next week
I’ll be sharing acoustic video lessons from

Have a great weekend,

Claude J.

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