How to live like a king (or queen)

hey Friend,

Want to know the secret of living
like royalty?

Let me start by asking a different question:

Did you know that Ray Dolby passed
away last week?

Yeah, Dolby as in “Dolby Sound”.
He’s the guy that basically invented
the technology to reduce background
noise on albums.

So, even the cassette tapes of the 80s
sounded clearer with less background hiss
than the vinyl of the 60s.

And things keep getting better.

I find it amazing how many behind-the-scenes
geniuses shape our society and enrich
our world.

Technology and knowledge are accelerating.

I always like to say that the average
person today lives better than the kings
and queens of the days of old. (in some ways).

So the answer to the original question is
that just by existing in the modern era,
you’re doing great!

Also with increased access to powerful
information, people are much more likely
to succeed at certain goals.

I try to be a small part of that by
continuing to publish cool stuff
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Claude Johnson


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