How to paint your own guitar + live raffle draw on Saturday

Hi Friend,

A few months ago I was out in California
and I met a really cool guitar player
named John.

He’s not only a cool cat, and an
accomplished guitarist, but he’s
also a world class artist.

To make a long story short,
he’s convinced me that
he has the magic method that
literally anyone can use
to create a truly pro paint
job on their guitar…

…using ordinary spray cans!

And now he wants to share this
method with you in his ebook.


Here’s exactly what he told me:


“Claude, yes, it’s true… – YOU! – Yes, YOU
(and everyone else) can create a guitar finish so thick and
glossy-looking, you’ll have everyone
believing that you had it professionally done!

The best part is, you won’t need
any expensive equipment to do this;
all you’ll need are some cans of spray paint
and a few other items you can pick up at
any hardware store.

Everything else you need to know is
contained in my ebook.

You see, 25 years ago, I wanted
to paint my own guitar and learn
the secrets to creating a glossy,
factory guitar finish, but I had no
idea where to begin.

So, like most impatient teenagers,
I headed to my local hardware store,
bought a bunch of spray paint and supplies,
and attempted to paint my very first guitar
without a shred of knowledge. As you can
predict, the outcome was a disaster.

But, that didn’t stop me; I was determined
to learn the process – even if it meant it
would take me many attempts before I got it right.
Well, it did indeed take many failed attempts – and,
many years. But through perserverence and determination,

I finally developed a precise, step-by-step
method, that when performed properly, would
yield results that rivaled any name-brand, factory done

And, that is what you can expect to learn from this
book. I know it sound insane, but this book ELIMINATES
the learning curve; you’ll be creating stunning factory
finishes on your very first attempt!”


I believe in John. I’ve seen the kinds of things
he does and I know he’s the real deal.

To be 100% honest with you, I personally have not painted my
own guitar as I am extremely busy with all kinds of
business projects and lately I struggle just to find time
to practice. That’s just where I’m at right now.

However, for better or worse, you might have a little more
free time than I do at the moment and so if you’re looking
for a fun and exciting project, THIS IS IT…

I’d love to hear how you make out and post a picture
of your own painted guitar on my blog.

If you’re interested, please go here:


Claude Johnson

P.S. This Saturday at noon EST I will be drawing the
winner of our guitar raffle LIVE… I even bought
a cool little bingo machine to draw the numbers, lol…
Details are on the JAM MASTER BLOG

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