I haven’t done this in 25 years!

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Hi Friend,

I recently started doing something
that I haven’t done in literally
25 years.

This might sound “off-the-wall” and silly
(maybe), but I started eating English
muffin pizzas.

You know… the kind you make yourself
by putting some pizza sauce on an English
muffin, and some cheese, and putting it
in the toaster oven.

Why am I telling you this?

What does this have to do with
getting better on the guitar?

Well, you see, I’m trying to get more and more
into the “do whatcha like” attitude…

Ya know, Ferris Bueller style 😉

I thought “hey… wouldn’t it be cool
to make English muffin Pizzas like
when I was a kid…”

So I did!

It’s all about living life to the fullest,


So juice it up…

Don’t let that guitar sit around collecting


Invest in some new strings (thats a no-brainer).

Invest in some DVD courses that will inspire you
and help you improve.

Speaking of that, this is my last email where
I’m going to mention Andrew Koblick’s hot deal.

Yeah, the one where he gives you a bunch of
DVDs and CDs and also a 6-week teleseminar

It’s closing out in about a day, so check it out:
Koblick’s Hot Deal

And last but certainly not least, happy 4th of July to all you patriots! 🙂

Yes, even though congress’ approval rating is
in the dumps, there’s still hope for the future.

I have to bite my tounge because I don’t wanna get too
political with all you gee-tarists but
anyone who knows me, knows I’m passionate about
freedom and prosperity for all.

Nuff said.

Stay tuned, because next email I’ll hook you up with a cool lesson
that has to do with rhythm guitar. Probably
not what you’re expecting. Actually I’m not
even sure what it will be because there’s
a few things I’ve got cooking here that
I wanna give you.

For now, peace out… have a great day,
and once again, last call for the dealio
of the week: Dealio of the week

Claude Johnson

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