How to Play The Count of Tuscany Guitar Solo by Dream Theater

hey Friend,

Wait till you hear what my bizarre
mind just came up with.

Oh, first let me share the lesson
of the day. I thought I would give
you a lick from Dream Theater,
courtesy of Alejandra… She is
one smokin guitar babe.


So, speaking of “dream”, let me share
one that I had last night.

So, in my dream……

I was driving down the road listening
to the radio and on comes Hendrix’s
“catfish blues”… But then it turns
into some weird live recording where
Hendrix is free styling some modern
day raps. It goes on and on for while…
And when he can’t think of anything to say,
he starts saying some gibberish but
in a really funny way.

The next thing I know, I’m in some kind
of giant crystal water slide, still
hearing Jimi, but then i realize
its actually not Jimi, but Howard Stern
impersonating him.

The water slide is really in the shape
of a giant rose that has many layers of
concentric circles, spiraling in and
down… eventually i make it out to
the bottom and splash into a giant pool.

The end…or at least that’s all I remember 🙂

Pretty weird what the mind comes up
with sometimes.

Ok, so now that i’m done sharing
a piece of my insane brain, it’s time for
me to grab a bite and then its
guitar time. I have a new practice
strategy I’m gonna try today and
i’ll let you know how it goes
in a future email.

Oh, one last thing:

24 days till Jimmy D’s acoustic
blues course…

If you haven’t grabbed his electric
course yet, go here:


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