I’m so inspired! Can 100 million people be wrong?

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Hello Friend,

100 million…

That’s how many times people have supposedly
watched the Susan Boyle videos on
“Britain’s Got Talent”.

I first saw the story on a news site
last week. Some frumpy 47-year old
lady wows Simon Cowell.

I thought to myself, “hmm, thats interesting.”

But then yesterday, I saw ANOTHER article
about it. So I went and watched the video.

My god…

I was inspired beyond belief.

I was blown away.

Where do I even start?

Her virtuoso vocal abilities… The
incredible expression and soul…
And the shock and awe of the audience
and judges as this total “underdog”
swept everyone off their feet.

The look on the judges faces was
priceless. It made it that much
more emotional.

Almost made me weep. (Yes, I can
be an emotional person sometimes.)

Susan Boyle’s rise to fame as the biggest
youtube star ever is no surprise given
the angelic power of this performance.


what is really interesting is to read
the various youtube comments.

Some posted juvenille insults.

Others acknowledged the charm of her spirit.
In my estimation, she is truly a beautiful person.

My new hero! 🙂

And apparently, most of the rest of the
world agrees with me.

Susan’s a great example that being
a musician goes way beyond technical

You cannot deny her spirit.

My vocal coach, Gil, says that at least 50%
of the success of a singer comes
from the personality.


And the same goes for guitar playing.
That’s why I try to help you tap into your inner magic
in Killer Guitar Control Secrets.


I’m happy to be sharing Susan’s video
with you because I’m all about living a life of inspiration.

Whenever I find something extraordinary and uplifting,
it’s just my natural inclination to want to see
others experience that same joy.

So if you haven’t watched it, (or even if you have),
go watch the video and tap into some deep inspiration.

Claude Johnson


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