In From the Storm – Hendrix Riff

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Hi Friend,

Serious storm a-brewin here
on the east coast of the USA.

I just called the place
where I ordered my new LED
lights from, and they are
closed cause of the storm.

So, no lights yet to send
to film and create you a video today…

I thought – ok, what can
send you today – maybe just like
a quick lesson with some tabs.

How about “In from the Storm”
by Jimi Hendrix!

Great tune from his last studio
album called “The Cry of Love”.

It’s a killer blues riff that’s
easy and a lot of fun to play.

Among the many, many other reasons
why Hendrix is so cool… is that he
created a lot of really super simple
riffs and arrangements that are just
so classic.

Basically this song alternates between
an F# blues lick and an E power chord.

You can jam on this while all day while
the storm rages outside…and if you
lose power, rock it out on the acoustic.

Check out the tab and audio sample
on the blog!




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