Is this kid amazing or what?

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Hi Friend,

The weathers finally gettin warmer.
Hope your weekend is rockin, relaxing,
or whatever you want to be , lol 🙂

I thought i’d show you a youtube
of Sol Philcox. This kid is
just unbelievable.

We have actually TWO incredible
products that we filmed with
this guy that we’re now editing.

I think you’ll really enjoy him.
VERY different. VERY cool playing.

So young. So talented.

We’ll have more info soon on
“Wicked Chicken Picken Chops”.

In the meantime, I have few other
cool new offers for all you cats
in guitar town.

Even if you missed the “VGS relaunch”,
you can still grab Virtuoso Guitar
Secrets for $149 , and dont forget
it comes with 3 DVDs, 4 hours of
instruction, over 100 example tabs, and
7 full song transcriptions with backing
tracks for the songs too.

That’s here:

Also, we’re offering a smaller 3 DVD
set instead of all 6 Ultimate Country
Blues DVDs – you can check out the
different offers on that here:

Well, enjoy the video and have
a great week!

Peace out,


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