Is this the best way to pick?

hey Friend,

A couple days ago, I got into
a slight quarrel with my

It was over whether or not
we should be washing our new
bamboo steamer in the dishwasher.

I won’t go into the details,
but suffice to say, she won
the argument. Happy wife,
happy life, right?

If only debates among guitar
players were this easy.

Take picking, for example.

Should you use alternate picking,
(which means alternating each
note between an upstroke and
a downstroke)

…Or should you use economy
picking, which means you’re
always using the least motion
possible to get to the next

You’ll have different players
swearing by their own methods
and preferences.

I offer a third option, which
I’m calling “intelligent picking”.

Actually, I just thought of this
concept this weekend when I started
experimenting with some melodic


I actually “stole” the picking for
this from a pentatonic lick from
my own course.

Yeah, the new one: Supercharged Soloing Made Simple.

So, you can take a lot of the ideas from
this course and apply them to other things
and your own licks, etc.

If you didn’t see this yet or grab your copy,
we just released it, and have some hot
deals for a few more days.

Go here:


Have a great week and I’ll
have more goodies for you shortly.

Claude Johnson

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