Is this the laziest song in the world?

hi Friend,

This song is so lazy its actually called “the lazy song”.

In truth, its a great tune. I can relate to it because
I can get so caught up in doing stuff and projects that
I really need a day to do “nothing” sometimes.

Anyway, I remember the first time I heard this song.
I was vibing with it instantly.

It’s no coincidence that it sold millions of
copies and has been listened to hundreds of millions of times.

Yep, it’s a mega hit — super fun song to play.


You can learn how to play it.

Just check out my blog for a great video.


Check it out,
Claude J.

P.S. This song is straight out of my Ultimate Guitar Song Collection
Volume 2 which is coming out on December 7th. I think you’re
going to LOVE IT!


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