its all going down next week (blues guitar)

Hi Friend,

Claude here – its Saturday afternoon and i’m just
getting my day going here. Last night I was
hanging out at Starbucks with some of the
local “knuckleheads”, and we usually get into
some interesting conversations and there’s
cool music usually.

So speaking of cool music, next week there’s
gonna be a new monster blues guitar learning
package available.

What am I talking about?

Imagine being able to pick up your guitar and
have tones of new blues styles under
your fingertips.

This actually goes BEYOND what i’m teaching
in my OWN blues guitar course.

Basically, we’re talking about a huge collection
of long-lost blues guitar instruction from
one of MY favorite teachers
and mentors.

You’ll get more details next week along with
the usual cool clips and sample lessons.

Anyway, stay warm, stay safe, rock
on, and don’t forget to take it easy
with some R and R.

Talk soon,

Claude Johnson

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