3 Critical Components Of Killer Guitar Control Secrets

hi Friend,

I hope you enjoyed the last video
I sent (the blues-jazz solo).

The next video is going to be
some instructional stuff that
could really help you.

In fact, it’s all about getting
“FIT” on the guitar.

Getting fit… yeah…

I’ll explain what that means shortly.

Think of it as the new year’s resolution
you didn’t know you wanted to make lol…

For now, I just want to share a thought
with you.

You’ve heard of the phrase “Just do it”…

Usually that means, you know… like
taking action, or whatever.

But there’s another important meaning.

If you are an aspiring guitar player,
maybe you are wondering — how do I
play some awesome leads?

I’ve always said — just play from the heart.

That’s the real secret that guys like
Hendrix, Clapton, etc…all have…

To learn the full “Guitar God Formula”,
check out


Anyway, all those guys have major talent…

But I feel they also “just did it”.
They didn’t sit around and wait
for someone’s permission or confirmation
or whatever.

If you feel that you have music inside
of you, whether its leads, or songwriting,
or riffing, or singing, or whatever…


Express yourself.

Forgot whether you are doing it right.

Just do it.


Play what you feel.

Play what you hear.

There is no “right”.

You can always improve, you can always
learn more, you can always get feedback

What I’m saying is go with your intuition.
Don’t wonder if you can really achieve
your goals. I’m telling you, you can.

“What the mind of man can conceive and
believe, it can achieve”.

Napolean Hill, author of the classic
book “Think and Grow Rich” said that.

Smart fellow, and you can certainly
apply that idea to guitar.

I apologize that I didn’t have time today
to get you that FIT video… I had
some very important commitments that
kept me busy.

But next email, fo shizzle…

Alrighty, catch you on the flip side.

Your dedicated guitar teacher
Claude Johnson


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