Key to Exotic Soloing

Hi Friend,

Remember the first time someone
showed you a simple scale, like
a pentatonic scale…

For me, the first time this happened,
I was pretty happy about it because…
well, I thought it was neat that I
already knew what notes would sound

I just had to play the notes from
the scale and boom… i’m playing in key.

Like, play note from G pentatonic over
a G blues… duh… 🙂

That’s kind of the magic of scales, as
I see it. You have an instant way
to play “in key”.

So, what’s the next step beyond this?

Well, there’s different directions
to go in — melodies, sequencing,
arpeggios, etc…

But one of the simplest and most
powerful ways to go is just to
use other scales.

Knowing WHEN AND HOW to use various
scales is one of the most important
things you’ll ever learn as a musician.

And that’s the whole point of the new
course “Fretboard Domination”.

In today’s lesson, we look at a minor
blues progression and how we can go
beyond just using a pentatonic or
blues scale.

This is pretty juicy – check it out


Thanks for watching!

Stay tuned because i’ll hook you up
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Also I’ll have a special dealio
for you that i’ll explain shortly.

Rock on…

Claude Johnson

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