Killer 80s flicks + I’m still gettin carded

hey Friend,

Warm, delicious sake was ordered
and enjoyed last night when
i went out to eat with my wife’s
family at a Japanese place.

When I was young, I always
looked “too young” for my age,
and it was frustrating. I
wanted people to think I
was older and more mature!

However, now that I’m “old”, I’m
greatful for a somewhat youthful
appearance, and I was quite pleased
with myself after they carded me
for the sake…even though
I’ll be 40 in January.

Yep, I grew up in the 80s,
and from time to time, I
keep trying to revisit
the culture of my youth.

For example, a few nights
ago, I started watching an 80s flick
I haven’t seen in YEARS — its
called “Cant buy me love”.
Have you seen it?

(It also happens to be a 1963
Beatles song which is featured
in the movie)…

The main chords for that song
are Em, Am, Em, Am, Dm7, G7.

Another classic 80s flick I haven’t
seen in forever is “Stand by me”, and
there’s also a great song by that name.

I bring up THIS ONE because Jon Maclennan
shows us the chords in today’s video lesson,
which is on the:


It’s just a short 1 minute sample
from the new DVD course “The Fast Track
Guitar System”.

If you can learn this much in 1 minute,
then just imagine how much you’ll
discover when you get the DVDs! 🙂

If you already ordered, thanks and
we’ll get the discs out asap…

If you didn’t jump on it yet,
don’t wait for a Killer Klown
from Outer Space to hand you
a copy.

Grab your own right now cause time’s
runnin out:


Have a great weekend and I’ll have
some more tips and unexpected
guitar goodies for you next week.

Best, Claude “Johnsonater”


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