Labor Day Sale on GC – don’t miss it!

hi Friend

The other day, I got a chance to meet
a guitarist from Austin, Texas.

He’s a singer/songwriter – kind of a hippie
who puts on all these cool concerts.

It was really cool cause I love jamming
with good players. He was playing acoustic
and I was jamming out some leads on my electric.

Fun stuff. I highly encourage
YOU to seek out other guitarists to
jam with and learn from.

Anyway, about this one dude…

He drives around the country in his red
truck (that he also sleeps in) and just
hangs out , plays guitar, and works toward
all these amazing causes.

Now that’s freedom!

That reminds me – it happens to be labor day weekend:
the time of freedom, rest, parties, and well…
the end of summer.

To mark the occasion, I’m actually having a sale
on my DVDs.

Don’t take this lightly – I rarely do “sales”.
Sure, I usually discount a product when it first
comes out, and then it goes back to the normal
price, but…

You don’t see discounting my products all the time.

Actually, I might do it more often, but it’s
kind of a pain in the neck cause I usually gotta go in and
tweak these webpages myself, test em’, make sure everything
is “copasetic”… tell y’all about it… and then change
it back later.

Not that I’m not lazy, but you know… I usually got
a lot of things going on and life gets busy.

The fact of the matter is — I’m working right now,
on putting something together for you later this
month that is very exciting.

But “who loves ya.” 🙂

I found time yesterday to create a special page
with a VERY special price on the Guitar Control package
because of the holiday.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting this, NOW
is the time to act. I’m only keeping this offer
on the table through Monday night.

Please don’t email me later and say you missed out!

Ok, here’s what’s in this package:

Killer Guitar Control Secrets
Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple
The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course
Acoustic Mastery
How to Play Smokin Blues.

and here’s a brief summary of what’s in each course:

1. Ultimate Beginner Guitar

3 DVDs showing you the 1-2-3 method to playing
all your favorite songs as fast as possible.
Even if you’re not a beginner, you’ll love
the 75 song repertoire taught here.

2. Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple

2 DVDs showing you the fastest, simplest
way to play lead guitar. Learn all the
essential techniques.

3. Killer Guitar Control Secrets

3 DVDs showing you to play killer leads
and solos from the heart. Learn to
play like a Guitar God by developing
your “brain-to-hand” connection.

4. How to Play Smokin’ Blues

3 DVDs showing you 245 tabbed examples
of both acoustic and electric blues.
A must-have for any blues enthusiast.

5. Acoustic Mastery

3 DVDs showing you killer picking
patterns, strumming secrets, songwriting,
and loads of other cool acoustic lessons.

You can get these 5 courses (14 DVDs in all)
as one big package. And you can get it anytime
you want — however if you buy it this weekend
you will save some cake too.

Here’s the link:

Thanks for listening. As I mentioned, I will have
some killer groovy guitar surprises for you later
on this month.

Have a relaxing weekend,


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