Mega Opportunities – 3 ways to make moolah with Guitar Control

Hey Friend,

This email is going to highlight 3 mega opportunities
to make some serious profits and cash with Guitar Control.

Before I go into that, a big thanks for the many kind
words and wishes about my recent engagement.

And thanks for sticking with me through all the good
times and bad times. I’ll continue to do my very
best to provide you with great guitar info and

Next email, I’ll show you a video showing you one
of Ritchie Blackmore’s most powerful techniques.

For today, I want your help:

Mega Opportunity #1: Dealers and Guitar Shops
(or anyone that knows dealers and guitar shops).

Ok — I can’t reveal too much about this one YET.
However this is MEGA. HUGE. GIGEPIC.

Well here’s a hint — we’re going to be helping
a major guitar company bring some high-spec
guitars to a shop near you.

So if you own a guitar shop, or you personally
know a shop owner, please email me at: [email protected]

Mega Opportunity #2: Foreign Guitarists

We’re busy expanding our guitar line of DVDs
into every possible language.

If you speak a foreign language fluently
and you understand english perfectly,
and you’re ready for an exciting and
profitable opportunity.

This is a PROFIT sharing opportunity.

Email me at: [email protected].

Mega Opportunity #3: Great Guitarists

We’re always looking for WORLD CLASS GUITARISTS

If you have think you’ve got the CHOPS plus
you’ve got the ability to teach people on video.

Email me at: [email protected]

Guitar Control is growing rapidly and
we would love to have you join our team!



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