Merry Rockin’ Xmas

Hey Friend,

Merry Christmas! It’s a beautiful morning
here in Wayne , Pennsylvania.

I am supposed to see friends and family later
on today… Hows about you?

Got anything special going on? We love
to get your emails so don’t be shy,
write us anytime.

So what’s going on ? Let’s see.

I’m happy to report that we’ve raised $2000
for the Salvation Army during our
“Xmas Guitar Course” blitz.

It actually ends today – if you haven’t
grabbed the Xmas Guitar Course,
see what all the buzz is about:

By the way, if you need a Christmas smile, go check out
the whacky rap I did:

Oh… we also still have some of the Robson
Guitar Packs left if you need a late
Christmas or New Year’s gift for someone
(even yourself!)

Anyway, we’ll be giving our check to the Salvation
Army next week, and videotaping it – it will be neat.

so….hope your 2008 was great – 2009 is going to be
really cool – we’ve already got some surprises
in store for you.

Keep rockin around the Christmas Tree,

Claude Johnson

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