Mini Lesson: The Wild Turkey

hi Friend,

A while back, perhaps 10 years ago, I was
messing around on the computer and composed
a piece that I called “Wild Turkey”.

I don’t still have it. Probably it is
lost on an old harddrive somewhere in the

But I ressurected the theme of it in a new
lick I call “Wild Turkey Sequence”.

Btw, Happy Turkey Day!

Yayyyy 🙂

Anway, didn’t really have time to shoot a video,
but I did put a quick audio recording
plus a tab on my blog. Enjoy!

Most important, have fun applying
this rhythmic theme to your own licks.



Claude Johnson

P.S. Stay tuned for more goodies, including
the release of the Ultimate Guitar Song
Collection Vol 2, on Decemeber 7th.

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