MP3 Download — a unique guitar rock sound

Hi Friend,

I’ve got a cool treat for you to start your week.

It’s an amazing driving rock track that will make your
your body move and groove. It’s one of favorite tunes
and it’s got a lot of great hooks. It’s called “Download”.

The thing that’s cool about it, is that even though
it’s hard rock, it’s not your ordinary power chords
going on…It’s got a very unique sound.

Check it out:

Another thing that’s cool here, is that
there’s a lot of hidden guitar techniques in this song
and Virtuwul will show you all of them.

By the way, this song is all about “downloading”
experiences into your mind… Listen to the lyrics
and enjoy the vibrations.

And have a rockin week!!


P.S. The official release date for
“Rock Riffs Made Simple” has been set
to July 27 at noon pacific! Don’t miss it!

P.P.S If you’re into metal guitar — then check out:
Rock on!

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