My epic personal news

hi Friend,

Ok last email I said that I had
some epic personal news.

I was NOT exaggerating.

I’m happy to report that I just
got engaged this weekend to the
girl I’ve been seeing for the past
year or so.

Yeah…big news.

I’m blessed. I’m happy.

Now, I realize this has nothing
to do with your guitar playing,
but since you’re on my email list,
I consider you a part of my extended

You are a big part of my life whether
you realize it or not.

So I want to share the joy.

The late great blues guitarist
Albert King said: “Loneliness is
a bad thing, and I have heard
of loneliness blowing some very fine
people’s minds. But this is a big, big
world, and there’s lots of beautiful
things going on in this world. You
just have to hang in there and be tough.”

Yes, I hung in there, got past the lonely
times between relationships, and now
I have my happily-ever-after, God willing.

So, it’s possible to find happiness in
this crazy world. I’m living proof.

And to celebrate, I’m offering the 14-DVD
Guitar Control Package for just $97.
Normal retail price is $197, so you save

This week only. Expires on Friday.

Special Celebration Dealio

Thanks for letting me share the good news!
Stay tuned for more guitar videos and
lessons coming soon.

Claude Johnson

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