new vid from Sol plus international wildness

hi Friend,

Top of the week to you!
Now, please don’t groan because
it’s Monday — we’re on a positive
track today!

Let me give you some juice with a new
video straight from the man with the plan,
Mr. Sol Philcox.

It’s one of the easiest blues guitar rhythms
that you should add to your bag of tricks right now.

Check out it, along with 2 other videos
on his new blog:

And if you really want to spice up your
week with something hot and zesty,
I definitely recommend picking up
a copy of our brand spankin-new DVD
course “Flamenco Guitar Secrets”.

The 46% Discount expires *very* soon,
so grab this crazy bird before it
flies the coup.

Hey, At least check it out! Here’s the page:

Asta La Vista,

Claude J.

P.S. I’ve very filming some VERY intense stuff
— its the weirdest, wildest, wackiest footage
I’ve ever captured. I’ll reveal more next

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