New video + 60 new FREE jam tracks


Yes I have a new video for you today
featuring one of our new jam tracks.

You can never have too many jam tracks
to play over.

New, fresh tracks = fresh inspiration.
And inspiration’s what its all about baby!

Seriously, its the backing track which
makes lead guitar fun and exciting.

So, in addition to the jam tracks we
already got inside the Guitar God Club,
we’re releasing a fresh new batch of
hot tracks.

Unlike last time, where the tracks were
all blues…

This time, we’re releasing Rock Guitar Jams.

We got 60 hot fresh tracks that will rock
your world and will help you rock out
to the max…

Here, I made a quick video for you about it:

You’ll be playing some sick leads and solos
over these tracks.

We are NOT selling these tracks seperately, at
least for now.

The only way to get access is with your Guitar
God Club membership.

Right now, you can get a free trial into this
club so there’s nothing to risk, nothing to
think about…

It’s a no brainer to take advantage of this
limited time free trial offer. You’ll get
access to the following sites:


Again, its a no brainer move, so
grab your access right now!

Claude J

P.S. This deal disappears in 5 days.
So come on in before it vanishes.

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