new video lesson + my thoughts on SOPA

Hi Friend,

Wikipedia and other mega websites
are doing a 24 hour blackout to
protest SOPA.

I’m gonna give you my thoughts
on that in a second…

But it ain’t gonna be pretty!

If you really don’t care about
my personal political opinions,
then that’s great…

I don’t mind…

Instead, check out this lesson
from Derryl – its a sweet
way to get started with shifting


Enjoy the video lesson!



Where do I even begin…

Let me start by telling you that
I do not think like most normal
people, at least when it comes
to politics.

I was aware 20 years ago of the
corrupt nature of government
beauracrats and trap of the
2 party system in America.

I never voted for a republican
OR democrat presidential candidate
in my life.

I’ve always voted Libertarian!

SOPA isn’t even really the issue.
It’s just another in a long line
of heavy-handed government solutions
that do more harm than good.

It threatens freedom of press and

But, if you want to see real harm —
look up the NDAA… It basically
destroys our bill of rights as Americans.

You can be dragged off in secret
by the government, with no
charges, and no trial… legally.

This would have been unthinkable
20 years ago.

“Not here in America” people would say.

Yet, through incremental chipping away
at our freedoms, it happened.

Obama signed it into law , quietly
on New Years Eve.

This is outrageous!!

Listen, I really, really DON’T like get political
with my guitar newsletter.

It’s not good for business.

But enough is enough… I’ve
got to take a stand.

If all sit in silence and fear… we fail.

All it takes for evil men to succeed is
that good men do nothing.

At the risk of alientating you, I want to
share a website that has opened my eyes
to a lot of things…

It’s one of the most controversial websites
in the world.

I’m not saying that I agree 100% with
everything they publish.

But, check it out, because I feel that
they decode a lot of the mysteries
of why the world is the way it is…

The site is:

I think that by sharing this, its the
most powerful thing I can do to
take a stand for liberty.

It’s about left vs. right, or dem vs repub..

It’s about us as a human race coming
together for liberty.

It’s about winning the information war
to spread awareness of the truth
to benefit all beings.


Any, if you don’t care, or disagree
or think they are nuts, that’s fine…

Just bypass the rant and check out
today’s lesson.


Stay tuned because next email I’ll
show you a video of a “mystery guitarist”
and the fun starts with getting you involved
in our next venture.

Claude Johnson


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