One of my proudest moments

Hi Friend,

As president of Guitar Control,
I get to do a lot of cool things.

Like for example, I get to hang out
and jam with great guitarists.

In fact, next week, I’m actually supposed to
be interviewing a famous, platinum selling
guitarist who is a big hero of mine.

It’s surreal. (I’ll let you know more about
this shortly)

But I have to tell you — for all the things
I’ve done, the experience that really gave
me the warmest feeling was 2 years ago when
I got to personally deliver an oversized
check to the Salvation army.

It was all part of our “Christmas Guitar Course”
promo, that we are now doing for the 3rd year
in a row.

Some of you might have seen this already,
but many of you haven’t.

Here’s the video of that wonderful day.
You can really see how happy and excited
I am to be doing this:

The last 2 years, I included Blue Star Music
Camp as one of the recipients of our charity
drive along with the Salvation Army.

It’s really a win-win-win-win.

The Salvation Army and Blue Star Music Camps
win from your (and our) donations…

You win because you’re getting 10 cool guitar
lessons for a buck (that we match and give to charity)
AND you’re part of the miracle of Christmas.

And we win too because get the opportunity to
give back and serve the community at large that has
been so kind and generous to us.

Would you like to be part of it this year?
Just go here:

Thanks for your support, and thanks on behalf
of the Salvation Army and Blue Star Music Camps.

Claude Johnson

P.S. Remember, I’m uploading a new “Santa Claude”
video daily, along with 2 killer “deals of the day”
every day for twelve days. We’re only on day 5
out of 12, so please keep coming back daily to check the

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